Nothing Sounds More Official Than A “Plan B”

I mentioned in a previous post that I thought our first big purchase was our sofa, Biff. However, our first big purchase was actually our washer/dryer set. I can’t believe I forgot about them. I guess they just feel like part of the family already.  They are quite the pair I must say, they were made for us…and each other. The best part is that they sing when they are done. No more of that annoying horn; we are now serenaded by our finished laundry.

We were in quite a dilemma when we had to decide whether or not to keep our old set or to buy a new set. Then we stumbled upon this eye-catching, energy saving, duet. The choice was clear; we had to get new ones.

Our new house has the laundry closet in the kitchen that was being used as pantry / laundry facility. Um, gross! I’m a fan of utilizing space but who wants dust in their food?! So, we had big plans to make this space more sanitary and useable. Well, in typical home renovating fashion our master plan didn’t work out quite as we thought. *commercial break*

Plan A:  We wanted to divide the closet into two sections with a stackable washer/dryer set on one side and a pantry on the other. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, the guys came to deliver our set and guess what….the washer and dryer didn’t fit! They were too deep for the space and the folding doors wouldn’t shut. So, we removed the folding doors which gave us a few extra inches and let the washer dryer not stick way out into the room.  Good thing we bought an attractive washer and dryer set because they didn’t look too bad without a door. We were all ready to wash clothes and discovered that the power cord was literally 3 inches too short. So, I went in search of a 1 foot extension cable. Did you know that washer/dryer extension cords are illegal…yet you can still buy them? Apparently, if you an extension cable you are guilty of a fire code violation; you void the washer/dryer warrantee; and you void your home warranty insurance. WOW! Those extension cables are like smacking a bull on the nose while wearing a Santa suit…bad news.

Plan B: I saw this pin on Pinterest and my hopes and dreams for a useful laundry closet were restored. The best part of this image is that it is practical AND beautiful. So, using this image as inspiration we’re going to do something similar in our laundry closet. You can see the full plan for this room here.

Even though Plan A didn’t work out the way we originally thought we’re even more excited about Plan B. I think the new laundry space will make our chores a little more glamorous. And who doesn’t like that?!