Q: How many guys does it take to remove a shrub?

A: 3 guys, 1 truck, 1 chain and 1 girl.

We moved into the house during the fall so we eagerly awaited our first spring. Particularly, I was excited to see this large mass of azaleas in the front yard.  Spring came, spring went, fall came again and fall went…and nothing. Not one bloom. Turns out they had gone rogue…or “wild” as my dad put it. Meaning, they would just continue to get more spindly and may never produce flowers again.

I felt bad and wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, when I got up close I discovered tons of HUGE spider webs. That was the straw…they had to go.  So,  I called my dad and our convo. went something like this:

Me: Hey, so you know those gross bushes in the front yard?

Dad: Yeah.

Me: I’m thinking we should get rid of them…

Dad: …I’m on the way. I’ll bring the truck.

Growing up, he’d find any excuse to use the truck to pull something. It was great fun. So, he showed up like he said…with the truck, a chain and my brother-in-law. They started assessing the situation, and how to attach the chain.

All3GuysAt one point we even lost my dad… that’s true love right there.

DadInBushThe truck made the job pretty simple. They just wrapped the chain around each major section of stalk? Base? …the stick part! And then literally let ‘er rip!

The spot looks so much neater now with the gnarly bushes gone.  We’re trying to figure out what to plant in their place. We’re pretty sure a crepe myrtle or 2 would do well there and add some summer color.